5 Rockstars in your routine


When we think of nutritional supplements it’s easy to think that as long as we eat at least somewhat healthy supplements aren’t needed and won’t make a difference.  Sadly, healthy eating doesn’t always make the cut.  In our modern world, food no longer has as many nutrients as it did back in the days of our great, great, grandparents.  Even if food was as nutritionally rich as it once was, the vast majority of us no longer have healthy digestive systems that are functioning at 100%. 

The goal of nutritional supplements are…

  • To make sure we are digesting our food – if we are eating good food we want to make sure we are getting the full benefit. 
  • To fill in environmental gaps, such as, lack of sunshine and fresh vegetables in North Dakota in the middle of winter.
  • To fill in gaps in our diet when things like trips, holidays and special occasions keep us from eating like we know we should (This is different than taking supplements just because we aren’t willing to make the effort to eat right…you won’t see any results with that approach). 

Below are some supplement that can be beneficial to everyone and should be in your cupboard to have on hand at all times.  The specific supplement names mentioned are from the brand Nutri-Dyn and can be ordered through our website here

1.      Probiotics: Chances are you probably aren’t eating 1-2 different kinds of fermented foods every day.  A Probiotic supplement is helpful for making sure you get a daily dose of beneficial bacteria which is going to support your immune system, promote a positive mood, maintain energy levels, promotes a healthy weight, and support the healing of skin issues such as acne and eczema.  Some probiotics I recommend are…

Ultra flora balance- General, non-specific probiotic that can be taken by anyone.
Ultra flora Spectrum- Targeted probiotic that is great for healing the digestive system and overcoming complicated skin issues and food allergies.
Ultra flora Women- Targeted probiotic that establishes beneficial bacteria in women who are about to give birth to ensure the baby gets a good start to it’s microbiome when they pass through the birth canal. 

2.      Green Drinks:  A powdered drink supplement that supplies you with antioxidants and minerals from fruits and vegetables.  This is helpful for kids and adults who aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables every day…that’s all of us wouldn’t you agree?
Nutri-dyn fruits and greens- Is my favorite green drink, it's easy to mix up and taste great.  It is sweetened with stevia so it is very low in sugar and kids love to drink it. 

3.      Zinc: Zinc is used by your body in 300 biological process.  Zinc supports the immune system, is a powerful antioxidant that may help fight cancer, supports proper blood sugar regulation and digestion, balances fertility in men and women, aids in nutrient absorption and supports the liver.  A possible sign of zinc deficiency is white spots on your finger nails.  I do a zinc tally test with my clients, that is good indicator of zinc levels. 
Zinc AG - A 25mg zinc supplement that can be used for a period of time to up your levels, once you have confirmed that you are zinc deficient.  It is also great to have zinc on hand for when you are fighting off sickness.

4.      Vitamin D: In the summer time we can get MOST (but not all) of our vitamin D from the sun as long as we spend time outside with skin exposed and have optimal levels of essential fatty acids that come into play with making vitamin D. The winter time is a whole different story.  The angle of the sun is no longer optimal for making vitamin D and almost everyone will benefit from supplementation.  Benefits of vitamin D are…helps your body make use of calcium (strong bones), helps manage blood sugar, protects against cancer, helps fight heart disease, enhances our immune system, improves mood, supports hormone regulation, and helps with concentration, memory and learning.  While there is such a thing as too much vitamin D, 5,000 IU daily is a safe dose for an adult through-ought the winter. 

D3 10,000 with K2 - I use this through the winter when my vitamin D levels are very low (confirmed by blood test).
D3 5,000 with K2 - I use this for adults through the winter months who have done blood work to determine vitamin D levels.

5.      Fish Oils: In the traditional diets of our healthy ancestor’s, fish, fish oils, and fermented fish oils, were very common. Fish oil supply’s omega 3 fatty acids which contribute to a healthy mood, anti-inflammation, overall well-being, energy levels and stamina brain health…the list goes on. Fish oil capsules are easy to take. A high-quality product should not be overly smelly or cause indigestion.  It’s a great solution to the problem of not always being able to eat wild caught fish twice a week! 

Omega-genics EPA DHA 500- Every day fish oil supplement.
Omega-genics EPA DHA 1000 - Higher potency fish oil for those struggling with poor digestion, weak immune systems or autoimmune conditions,

 Below are some additional supplements that I like to have on hand. 

Herbal Eze: An herbal blend that is great for helping with occasional sore muscles or a headache.  This is wonderful to have on hand in order to avoid the use of NSAIDs.
MyoCalm: An herbal blend that is used for helping to calm down tight muscles and an overactive mind that feels like it won’t shut off.
Acute Phase: Targeted anti-inflammatory support that is used right after a sprained ankle or other injury. 

If you are interested in getting any of these supplements you can find most of them in the clinic or you can order them through this link.  Every 2nd Monday of the month we have a 20% off sale for online purchases which it is a great time to try out new products! 

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