My Story…

    My health journey started at the beginning of my life. I was born with cardio issues, leading doctors to administer antibiotics sometime over the course of my first five days alive. Antibiotics lead to a sterile gut and that is not a good way to start life. 

     I had mostly low-key health issues throughout my childhood, but even minor concerns have the potential to become more severe if not addressed properly, and should be treated seriously.  My health journey morphed into a more involved process with the discovery of inflammation, resulting in constant pain in one knee. Chiropractors told me it was due to being too tall and skinny. To me, that didn't make sense so I began to do research for myself.  I studied, and learned that different food may cause or illuminate inflammation, based on the health of an individual’s gut. 

    In the beginning of the year 2014, I began to radically change my diet, which continues to transform towards strength and wellbeing. My health issues went from a painful knee to food sensitivities, to chronic pain and fatigue joined with full-fledged GI disorder.  

   When I graduated high school, I dedicated my time to studying nutrition and how food, diet, and lifestyle affect the body.  I couldn't help but wonder if I could be a piece in the puzzle of other people’s physical healthiness.  My family was my first experiment, resulting in both my parents losing a significant amount of weight and regaining more youthful physics.  I helped other friends and family members, giving advice where I could and learning from anyone who would teach me.  

    My knowledge significantly expanded when I began studying nutritional supplements. I learned that sometimes, in this fallen world, food by itself cannot completely heal a person without the help of supplements and various dietary protocols.  Through studying and promoting a certain brand of supplements I learned more about inflammation, GI disorders, blood sugar, hormones, and nutritional deficiencies.  All of this learning led me to want to dig deeper and connect more dots in the puzzle of how all these physiological aspects are connected.

   I studied nutrition through the Nutritional Therapy Association and became certified as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant. Through my studies I have gained an understanding of how poor digestion and gut health can lead to inflammation, pain, food sensitive and fatigue. I have learned how to support the body with traditional healing foods to give it the nutrients it needs in order to heal itself. 

I’m thankful for all the friends and clients who have allowed me to practice with them and make positive changes in their lives.  I look forward to all those whose lives I will be blessed to be a part of in the future! 

    Through all of my health troubles and nutritional studies, God has been my guide and the Bible is my ultimate authority on food and every other subject matter.  I believe that food was created for man to enjoy.  Our bodies have become corrupt through the fall of sin but if we are truly trusting in the Lord, His plan for us most likely isn't to have us spend our lives in misery, plagued with ill health so much that we become ineffective and unable to spread His truth far and wide.