3 Reasons Why You Should Drink Kombucha!

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If you know me you know I love kombucha!  The sparkle is a refreshing difference from the stillness of water and the flavor adds a little bit of mix into the flavors of the day.  

I started drinking kombucha about 4 years ago when I first started struggling with health issues.  I knew that fermented foods were important components of a healthy diet but I until that point I had never had a personal experiences that made me realize I need fermented foods.  The biggest part of my health struggle at the time was a lot of stomach discomfort. I felt like my stomach was always upset and something was wrong.  I bought some kombucha from the store but soon after started making it myself and it has been a staple of my health journey ever since!

Kombucha is a fun drink but because of its nutritional makeup it can be an important tool for support health.  With that in mind below are 3 reasons why you need to drink kombucha!

  1. Kombucha supplies you with probiotics - Every traditional culture has a type of fermented food. This might be something like sauerkraut, kimchi, lacto fermented veggies like pickles, beet kvass or kombucha. Every fermented food supplies you with different strains of probiotics which are beneficial microorganisms and bacteria.  Probiotics help you digest food, regulate mood, regulate hormones and keep you energized. Without a daily dose of probiotics the good strains of bacteria will have a hard time out populating the bad strains of bacteria in your body and you may be more susceptible to infection and disease.

  2. Kombucha supplies you with organic acids - This may sound a little boring BUT I assure you organic acids are cool! There is a long list of acids that are produced in the process of turning black tea into kombucha (I’ll spare you the hard to read/pronounce names) but suffice it to say these acids  Lubricate the joints, Detoxify the liver, Assists in blood circulation, Aids in balancing the acids and alkaline in the body, Inhibits harmful bacteria, Natural antibiotic, Fights against yeast infections.

  3. Kombucha helps you digest your food -  Digestion starts in the brain (crazy right?!?).  People we start salivating our brain thinks about food, sees food, or smells food and know that we are about to eat so it better turn on the digestive juices.  If you are busy when you start eating, your brain won’t get a chance to start secreting saliva which breaks down carbs in your food or stomach acid which breaks down the structure of your food and most importantly proteins. Kombucha is naturally acidic so it adds to your stomach acidity and helps break down your food. Poor digestion and even acid reflux is usually a result of too little stomach acid (not too much).  You really should sit down and take 5-10 deep breaths before starting a meal but we all have those occasional times when we are eating in a less than ideal situation...or a downright bad eating situation like driving and eating. The rule of thumb of not drinking with your meal because it can water down your digestive fluids doesn’t apply to kombucha because it actually helps ADD to your digestive juices. 4-8oz with a meal is a helpful digestive aid.   

In summary kombucha is a great tasting fun drink that can easily replace soda or other unhealthy carbonated drinks and can be great for social drinking, it’s a conversation starter ;)

Kombucha also supplies you with probiotic which help to keep your immune system strong and keep you happy! The organic acids it provides promote all around health and eliminate things like achy joints.  The acidity of the drink helps to break down your food and allows you to get more nutrients from your meal. It’s a win win! Have you drunk any kombucha today?

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