If there are any mama's out there looking for healthier food options, menu planning and SOLID nutritional advice, you have come to the right place!

I am a nursing mama to my 5th little one. When she decided to reject all solid foods at 9 months, I spoke TO Nicole with Robust Living. She assured me of the benefits to nursing and how my little one would not be deprived form strictly nursing! What a refreshing opinion! But, she did not stop there. She gave me a great plan with food suggestions to add for when the Baby was ready to naturally explore food options. Not only was I encouraged to continue letting baby nurse like a champ, I was motivated to ear healthier, give the best nutrition options to my family, and enlightened on what to truly put into our bodies for optimal robust living! Thank you Nicole, for helping all of the mama's! 

- Laura


I originally came to Nicole looking for the steps that I needed to take in order to heal my gut as well as what foods and supplements I should add into my diet to help manage my autoimmune disease.  Nicole gave me instruction on healing foods to eat as well and she continues to support me in every step of the journey.  The biggest change I have noticed is a positive change in my energy levels and mental clarity, this has given the boost I needed in order to start overcoming my autoimmune disease.  Nicole is very knowledgable and is persistent and caring with her clients.  I would recommend that anyone who is wanting to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle to schedule with Nicole!